If you have never scheduled a home maintenance inspection, you’re likely due for one. To be a proactive homeowner, schedule an inspection annually or every few years. The findings will be useful in understanding the current condition of your home and will help you decide what types of improvement projects to schedule. Here are a few things you should know about a home maintenance inspection.

Reasons to Order a Home Maintenance Inspection

Scheduling an inspection is important for discovering minor issues before they become serious problems. An inspector will identify upgrades that are needed and will note safety concerns in the home. Even if you’ve lived in the home for years, it’s helpful to have a well-trained professional assess the condition of the building.

What Does the Inspector Do?

If you were present during the inspection that was conducted when you purchased the home, a maintenance inspection will seem similar. The inspector will examine everything from the plumbing and electrical systems to structural components, appliances, and light fixtures. The inspector will also evaluate the roof and foundation. Following the inspection, you will receive a report detailing the findings.

Inspections are Useful Before Renovating

While it’s generally recommended to order a maintenance inspection every 3 to 5 years, you might also request one before performing major renovations on your home. An independent home inspector offers a professional and objective set of eyes on the property. They can examine structural components before you install a new roof and they’ll be able to determine if your home’s current systems can support additional square footage.

How to Find an Inspector

If you ordered a home inspection when you first purchased the property, get in touch with your inspector and ask about a maintenance inspection. He or she may still have a copy of the original inspection and can compare that to the findings of the maintenance inspection. If you don’t already have a home inspector, ask family and friends for a recommendation or look at reviews online.

Prepare for a Home Maintenance Inspection

Before the inspection, take time to prepare the home. Replace burned-out light bulbs so the inspector can test the fixtures. Clear areas around the foundation and downspouts and drains, that the inspector will need to access. Label your circuit breakers and make sure utility closets are unlocked and accessible. If you have pets, have a plan to minimize their interference with the inspector. Clean the house well and remove clutter that might affect the inspector’s ability to do a thorough assessment.

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