Thermal Imaging

Free Thermal Imaging Inspection

Mr. Home Inspections gives a complimentary thermal imaging inspection with every home and mold inspection. These valuable inspections provide a detailed synopsis of your house, and often reveal issues that aren’t visible to the naked eye. They are key components in any comprehensive examination and offer unparalleled accuracy. Below are images taken from thermal imaging home inspections

Quality Thermal Imaging Inspections

Many home inspection companies will tell you that they offer “certified thermography inspectors,” “certified level 1 inspectors” or “certified infrared home inspectors,” but this does not necessarily mean that they are qualified to perform an infrared home inspection, since there is no legal standard for thermography certification. The Government of Canada National Master Specifications, however, clarifies this issue. NMS 022713 specifies that a small building thermographer must meet the requirements for ASNT Thermal/Infrared Level 1 certification. ASNT stands for the American Society of Non-destructive Testing, an unbiased independent organization responsible for establishing certification standards.

I suggest you use the same criteria as the Government of Canada when selecting a thermographer for your thermal imaging inspection. At a minimum they should have a certificate from a training company stating that they have met the educational requirements of ASNT Level 1 T/IR certification. In order to ensure your thermal imaging home inspection is executed safely and effectively, make sure you choose a qualified professional. When you hire Mr. Home Inspection Services, you gain the confidence of knowing that your thermal imaging inspection will be of the highest standard and greatest quality.

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